• Send to your own data or our School Data - info@ and admin@ - No problem
  • UK based, full phone support and 15 years' experience in marketing to schools
  • Send professional and successful email campaigns in 5 simple steps
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Choose a pre-made template and add your content or use our template editor to create your own
Test your email's spam score whenever you change your content.
Template Designer


Upload your Email Data - Use your own data to contact your customers OR purchase our Schools Data
Send your campaign whenever you want - Straightaway, future date or throttle delivery so you can spread response over the day


Real-time reporting - track deliverability and response from the second your email lands

Tools include - email click map, email reply tracking and a live activity feed which helps to streamline response and lead generation.
We always track clicks, social shares, replies and FBL complaints as standard.



Buy the maximum number of email credits you need per month -

Email Credits*Charge per Month
Under 10,000£50
10,000 - 25,000£100
25,001 - 50,000£150
50,001 - 100,000£250
100,001 - 150,000£350
150,001 - 200,000**£450

*Email credit - total number of email addresses you can send to each month, you can send as many separate emails as you like to make up this total number of email addresses. Email credits also include the following transactions made by the account; Events Triggered, API Requests and Webhook Requests. You can see your total transactions on the dashboard of your SchoolSend account.

**Any account using additional credits exceeding 200,000 will be charged in increments of an additional £100 per 50,000 credits. E.g. 200–250,000 = £550, 250-300,000 = £650 per month etc.

All charges are + VAT and are charged at the beginning of the month based on a 12 month subscription, which can be terminated at any time with 1 complete months' notice. We have amended the cost to allow for lack of use in e.g. August, December, so that it levels out over the year. If you go over your allowance then you will be charged the next month for that bands allowance.

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