Key Marketing Times to Schools

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All schools return beginning of September Academy schools receive new budgets All schools are actively purchasing for the new academic year Don’t miss September, this is THE KEY MARKETING TIME OF THE YEAR


Schools closed end of month for one week term break Schools have had time to assess and are actively purchasing Pupil Premium received The TES SEN Show


Christmas is a time when we are all in the purchasing frame of mind Less mass marketing and therefore a good time to stand out Sports premium payment date The School & Academies Show (Birmingham)


Only 2 weeks of marketing with schools closing from end of December Good time to target teachers as they are receiving less marketing Actively planning and purchasing for January


Schools return beginning of January One of the 3 key buying times in the school year Pupil Premium received New Year is a time where we are all looking to make changes The Bett Show:(ExCel London) The Education Show @ Bett(ExCel London)


Schools closed end of February Schools actively spending any reserved budget Starting to plan for new budgets in April Sports premium payment date


Schools need to spend any remaining budget or lose it Finalising plans for the new budget in April Large focus on revision for SATs and GCSEs


Schools closed for 2 weeks over Easter Independent & State schools receive new budgets One of the 3 key buying times in the school year Pupil Premium received Purchasing for summer, outdoor equipment and Fete’s The Schools & Academies Show (London)


Schools closed one week term break New budgets are distributed and being spent A heavy focus on outdoor equipment Sports premium payment date


Schools prep for September Secondary Induction days, meet pupils & plan SATs and GCSEs have ended (mid-June) Academy budgets must be spent before Sept


Only 2 weeks of marketing with schools breaking up as of the end of July Actively purchasing summer installations Pupil Premium received Actively purchasing in readiness for September A key time for publishing purchasing


Key time to target Scotland as they return on mid-August Nurseries are still open Time to refresh your Data as teachers change roles Book your marketing for the beginning of September