Shared Mailing

Mail your leaflet to ALL UK schools & save money

Why Shared Mailings?

  • Share the postage cost with other school suppliers and save money
  • Includes all UK schools; Academy, State and Independent schools
  • Shared mailings are the sole method of marketing for some of our customers
Why Schools Mailing?

  • Mailings timed over the year to target key purchasing times for schools
  • Professional white window C4 envelope, so they are not disregarded as junk mail
  • A covering letter identifies your leaflet so they are passed to the right person
  • A limited number of leaflets and mailings ensures the secretary is not overwhelmed
  • Include your follow-up email as part of the package to maximise response

Mailing Dates

Land Date
In schools
Leaflets required by
If you supply
Artwork required by
If we are printing
4 September 19 N, P, S19 August8 August
25 September 19 P, S, SEN9 September29 August
6 November 19 P, S21 October10 October
8 January 20 N, P, S12 December5 December
14 January 20 SEN12 December5 December
26 February 20 P, S10 February30 January
22 April 20 N, P, S6 April26 March
22 April 20 SEN6 April26 March
3 June 20 P, S18 May7 May
24 June 20 P, S8 June28 May


3+ Mailings


5+ Mailings


N - Nursery

P - Primary

S - Secondary

SEN - Special

Shared PackLeaflets Required
NurseryRequires 8,200 leaflets**
SENRequires 4,200 leaflets**
PrimaryRequires 24,000 leaflets
SecondaryRequires 5,500 leaflets
Primary and SecondaryRequires 29,500 leaflets

*Based on A4 130gsm, full colour, gloss/silk.
**Leaflet size A5 or A4 folded to A5.


15g allows for A5, A4, A3 folded to A4. Ask for a quote if item above 15g

Weight Calculator

Please click here to work out the weight of your leaflet or flyer.

“A huge thank you… we’ve had an amazing response and have added extra places onto our courses!”

FFT Education

“Our leaflet has worked a treat in the shared mailing; the phone was ringing with new orders! You were recommended and we wouldn’t use anyone else, we always feel well looked after.”