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  • Open rates
  • Click throughs
  • Split test
  • Click map
  • And more…
We have it all

  • All UK schools
  • Head Teacher Direct
  • Teacher Direct – Head of English, SENCo, History Teachers, etc.

Data Accuracy

How do you source the data?

Our in house data team contact each school direct via phone, websites and email. Data protection legislation allows you to send unsolicited emails to teachers at their school address as long as you are offering goods or services that specifically relate to their professional activity.

How accurate is the data?

All emails are correct at the time of collection and are continually updated. There will always be an element of bounces, normally due to your email being rejected by the recipient's server. We will help to keep this to a minimum for you and our average bounce rate is less than 5% whilst other email broadcasters expect up to 20%.

Stats Reports

Real-time reporting

Delivery and response data is used to create detailed campaign reports and analysis.

Visual tools include an email template click map, email reply tracking and a live activity feed. These features help to streamline response and campaign management.

In-Depth Analysis

View a Timeline of activity on your campaign and see when your email performs best. Alternatively, see how much of a boost your clicks get after an event trigger.

See how your campaign performs on different email clients or on different devices. Find out which domains your campaign is most popular with.

Helps you see which parts of your marketing campaign works best. (See Click Map image above)

Hot Prospects

We will supply you with all the email addresses of the schools that clicked and opened your email for just £150 + VAT for up to 1,000 contacts.

Excellent prospects to follow up! The data is sent in Excel format – no ongoing license fee. Just let us know if you are interested.

Main School Emails

Main School Emails

Most schools operate a central email system even for parents, asking you to put who your email is FAO in the subject line so that they can be forwarded. Allowing you to send your email to all UK schools and to any contact.

COST - Discounted packages - 3 emails = 30%, 6 emails = 40%, 12 emails = 50%
Bespoke packages available - regionally, size etc.

You can provide HTML formatted artwork or for just £150 we can set up your email.

Direct to Teacher

Direct to teacher email addresses

  • Straight to the inbox of your target contact
  • Ensure your message is being opened by the correct contact
  • Teachers are increasingly accessing their emails via phones, tablets and home PCs when they have the time to read them

COST - Discounted packages - 3 emails = 30%, 6 emails = 40%, 12 emails = 50%

You can provide HTML formatted artwork or for just £125 we can set up your email.

Senior Leadership Teams
  • Primary and Secondary Head Teachers
  • Curriculum Leaders/Assessment
  • Deputy/Assistant Head
  • Directors of Learning
  • Heads of Houses
  • Heads of KS3
  • Heads of KS4
  • Heads of sixth form
Non-Teaching Staff
  • Administration/Secretarial Staff
  • Admissions
  • Attendance Officers
  • Bursar
  • Business Managers /Marketing
  • Careers
  • Catering staff
  • Cover Managers/Supervisors
  • Exam Officers
  • Governors
  • Heads PA
  • Human Resources
  • Librarians
  • Network Managers/IT Technicians
  • Nurses/First Aiders
  • Premises /Groundskeepers
  • Reprographics
Student Support Teachers
  • SENCo/Learning Support
  • Student Support
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Tutors
Heads of Dept. and Teachers
  • Art
  • Business/Economics
  • Classics
  • Computing
  • D&T/Food Tech
  • Drama/Dance
  • English
  • Geography
  • History
  • Humanities
  • Law
  • Math
  • MFL
  • Music
  • PE
  • Politics
  • PSHE
  • Psychology
  • RE
  • Science
  • Sociology

Click here for a PDF of our Teacher Contact information

Email Artwork

Submitting your Email artwork - Please send to [email protected]

Supplying your own HTML - no set up charge

  • 500 - 650 pixels in width
  • All CSS should be styled 'inline' and not in style tags
  • Please send us all images and attachments as separate files unless you are hosting the images yourselves

We will set up your HTML email for you - £150 set up fee

Please send us -

  • A clear heading, grab the reader's attention and explain the email content
  • The emails main body copy, including basic product information, it's benefits, cost and how to purchase the product
  • Call to action text. - e.g. Call (tel no) or 'Click Here to order'
  • Contact details including website, social media and telephone number
  • Company details, address and logos

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