Weekly Thursday Education News Round Up – 20/09/2018

Five ways to boost social mobility through skills

A new report from the 5% Club calls for a bigger role for work experience in schools and colleges.

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Exclusive: Ofsted plan to spend longer in schools

Ofsted looks to ensure that inspectors spend more time in schools amid criticism that its reports are unreliable.

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Third of middle-class parents know someone who used ‘ethically dubious’ tactics to gain school place, report finds’

Buying or renting a second home – or using the address of a relative – near to a desirable school are some strategies that parents use to get their preferred school place, the Sutton Trust survey reveals.

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School sixth forms lose a fifth of their funding

Sixth forms have suffered the sharpest funding cuts in education, says Institute for Fiscal Studies

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Labour plans to remove incentive for teachers to ‘off-roll’ students

Party says ‘unintended rewards’ need to be revoked for excluding students on basis of predicted GCSE results.

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