Education News Round-Up September 22nd

Heads push over school funding disparities
Huge regional disparities in funding could leave schools without teachers unless they receive some extra money, say head teachers.
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‘Disastrous’ focus on memorising times tables doesn’t add up, argues top Stanford maths expert
Jo Boaler, professor of maths education at Stanford University, told a conference in London this morning that the increased focus on memorising times tables was “terrible”.
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One remote Scottish community’s battle to find a teacher for its five-pupil school
One of Britain’s most remote schools, a five-pupil primary on a tiny Scottish peninsula, has this morning hit the headlines owing to its search for a new head and a new teacher.
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100ft Meccano bridge spans Clarendon Dock in Belfast
Engineering students from Queen’s University are hoping to set a new world record by building a 100ft footbridge made entirely from Meccano.
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