Weekly educational news update June 29th

National tests for England’s infant pupils ‘could return’
Ministers are planning to revive national tests for seven-year-olds in England, according to the Times Educational Supplement.
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Use of tablet computers in schools continues to grow
Currently, almost three-quarters of schools now use tablet computers such as the iPad in lessons, and there are an estimated 721,000 tablets such computers in schools.
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Poorest boys lag behind on language skills
Four out of 10 of England’s poorest boys start school without the language skills needed to learn, a study says.
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Maths teacher wins £50,000 after pitching to Richard Branson
The maths teacher’s business plan was selected as one of three start-up finalists, competing for £150,000 of marketing support from Richard Branson’s Virgin Group.
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School students caught selling salt to make lunch taste better
Secondary school pupils in America have been caught selling salt to their classmates to make their school dinners taste nicer.
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