Top Tip #11

Tip #11 – Clear Contact details, Tracking and Social Networks.

Including website, social media and telephone number, address and logos.

Encourage Sharing Emails with Social Networks

Teachers are avid networkers when it comes to sharing teaching resources, ideas, and advice. Sharing with a social network can be even more powerful than a forward to a friend feature. So include a click link to post your email on their social networks. Ensure you are updating your social network sites in line with your emails e.g. any new courses/offers/products.

Measure its success – Tracking Reports

When sending to main school email addresses your email is often forwarded and untracked so they are only a gauge and a lower % of the real figure. Sales activity is the true indicator – offering something free or discounted with a code to help you monitor. Consider your call to action as if you are linking to your website then sales may come via this rather than the phone.

Follow up recipients who clicked and keep a close eye on your reports.  Try split testing new ideas.

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