Education News Round-Up November 24th

Bletchley Park: ‘Codebreakers school’ planned for site
Bletchley Park, the site of secret code-deciphering projects during World War Two, could become the centre for a new generation of codemakers and codebreakers.
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Confident fathers have happier children, says study
Confident fathers who embrace becoming a parent are less likely to have children who display behavioural issues before the teenage years, a study says.
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Does it really matter which university you study at?
“Does it really matter which university you study at?”
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Graduate employability ranking: the best university for getting a job
Stem-focused institutions dominate the new ranking, which sees seven UK universities place in the top 50
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Can hi-tech toys be fun and educational?
It used to be that a simple doll or action figure would be a welcome surprise when we tore open our Christmas presents. But now that today’s kids grow up in a world saturated with technology, do they expect their toys to be a bit cleverer too?
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