Education News Round-Up December 20th

Grammars ‘will not boost poorest pupils’ science grades’
Top scientists fear plans for more grammar schools in England will not boost disadvantaged pupils’ grades.
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Computing GCSE ‘leaves girls and poorer students behind’
A revolution is under way in the teaching of computer science in schools in England – but it risks leaving girls and pupils from poorer backgrounds and ethnic minorities behind. That’s the conclusion of academics who’ve studied data about the move from ICT as a national curriculum subject to computer science.
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London school’s towering performance in Pisa tests
A school in north London could be among the best in the world after scoring better in international rankings than even top performers like Singapore.
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Troubled families scheme has made ‘no significant impact’

A government initiative to help the most disadvantaged families in England has made no “significant impact”, a report suggests.
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