Weekly educational news update June 22nd

GCSEs: Pass mark raised in exams shake-up Pupils will have to score more highly to gain a “good pass” in their GCSEs, under changes to England’s exams. Read more Ofsted purges 40% of inspectors Ofsted is ditching 40 per cent of its contracted inspectors after assessing them as not good enough to judge schools reliably. […]

Weekly educational news update June 15th

Schools face pressure under plans to target academic GCSEs Education secretary to say schools that fail to enter students into more academic subjects will be highlighted for parents by performance tables Read more Scottish councils spending more than £1m a year testing primary and early-secondary pupils Scottish councils are spending more than £1 million a […]

Weekly educational news update June 8th

‘Why teachers should become consumers of curricula and lessons planned and designed by others’ A racing-car driver wouldn’t do an engineer’s job. So why do teachers insist on building lessons as well as delivering them? Read more Government brings forward plans to double free childcare for working families David Cameron will announce plans to double […]

A week in education news June 1st

More UK students ‘go abroad for part of degrees’ UK students are increasingly opting to study abroad as part of their degrees, suggest British Council figures. In particular, the numbers studying overseas through the European Union’s Erasmus programme more than doubled in seven years, says the Council. Read more The primary school where teacher-led research […]

A week in education news

‘Why it’s time to accept that Sats are not fit for purpose’ Is there anyone left in education who actually believes in Sats? I don’t mean whether tests at the end of Year 6 are a good idea or not. I mean the actual results. Read more New maths GCSEs too hard, says exams regulator […]