Weekly Thursday Education News Round-Up – 25/04/2019

Children do exams and assessments ‘more convoluted’ than at university – The system of assessment in Scotland is not fair, says headteacher Rod Grant I don’t think there is any doubt that our education system is quite stressed currently. This is largely to do with workload and the undeniable increase in paperwork brought about by […]

Weekly Thursday Education News Round-Up – 18/04/2019

More pressure on housing developers to fund new school places – DfE outlines how councils can use planning laws to make sure that housing developers pay towards new schools The Department for Education is issuing new guidance which aims to make sure that councils get the most from their powers to force housing developers to […]

Weekly Thursday Education News Round-Up – 11/04/2019

‘Learn lessons from abroad on apprenticeships’ – International examples can help hone the English apprenticeship system, but you cannot copy and paste. We need better support for people to be ready for an apprenticeship if we are to widen access. Learning from other countries can help. Each month the apprenticeship statistics reveal a new up […]

Weekly Thursday Education News Round-Up – 04/04/2019

‘Schools should model mobile use, not ban them’ – Teachers should allow mobiles in the classroom to demonstrate appropriate phone use Schools should let students use mobiles in the classroom at certain times instead of banning them outright, to “model” how to use them in a “productive way”, a union leader has said. Geoff Barton, […]

Weekly Thursday Education News Round-Up – 28/03/2019

Is the ‘Hipster effect’ taking over our schools? – Like hipsters with identical outfits, school websites, promo videos and even teachers are all turning into clones A man with a beard and a bee in his beanie-hat recently threatened legal action against a magazine. He claimed that it had not sought permission to use his […]