Weekly Thursday Education News Round-Up – 13/06/2019

How to embed mental health into the school curriculum – To reduce the stigma of mental health, we should ensure that support permeates every area of school. There is often a stigma, a fear factor, attached to mental health. If there’s only one person in an academy who you can go to, it becomes a […]

Top Tips

Top Tip #2

Tip #2 – A Clear Heading Grab the reader’s attention and explain the email content. Your heading should make the reader want to read your email. Ensure to get your main point across. Make sure its clear and not misleading.

Weekly Thursday Education News Round-Up – 06/06/2019

Call for return of grants to help poor pupils enter uni – Augar review highlights ‘huge gaps’ in access to university for poorer pupils. Maintenance grants should be re-introduced to help low-income pupils enter higher education, a Department for Education-commissioned review of post-18 education has said. Even though more disadvantaged young people are going to […]

Top Tips

Top Tip #1

Tip #1 – Subject Line The optimum length for a subject line is 5 Words. Give the recipients a reason to open your email. Tell the reader what to expect and build trust. If sending to main schools put in subject line who the email is for by adding FAO! Subject lines are the first […]

Weekly Thursday Education News Round-Up – 30/05/2019

Schools with poor Ofsted grades were more likely to improve if they stayed under local authority control than if they converted to academies, a new analysis has found. Not only that, the study found good schools that converted to academies were more likely to lose their strong Ofsted grade, findings which critics say undermine the […]