Weekly Thursday Education News Round-Up – 05/09/2019

Starting salaries for teachers to increase by £6,000 – This could bring new teachers’ salaries up to £30,000. Starting salaries for teachers could rise to £30,000 – an increase of £6,000 – under government plans to reform teacher pay. The proposal comes after years of unions calling for an end to the “erosion” of pay, […]

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Top Tip – Round-UP

Round-Up – Of all 11 Top Tips! – What Makes a GOOD Email? Tip #1 – Subject Line Tip #2 – A Clear Heading Tip #3 – Remember the purpose Tip #4 – Personalising Tip #5 – Concise Benefits Tip #6 – Keep it short Tip #7 – Image heavy emails Tip #8 – Competitions & […]

Weekly Thursday Education News Round-Up – 22/08/2019

How to tackle pupil ‘apathy’ after unconditional offers – Headteacher calls for universities to ‘rethink’ unconditional offers because ‘if you want to attain something you have to work for it’. For some students, the pressure of A-level exams receded earlier this year when they received unconditional offers from their prospective universities. However, they were wrong […]

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Top Tip #11

Tip #11 – Clear Contact details, Tracking and Social Networks. Including website, social media and telephone number, address and logos. Encourage Sharing Emails with Social Networks Teachers are avid networkers when it comes to sharing teaching resources, ideas, and advice. Sharing with a social network can be even more powerful than a forward to a […]

Weekly Thursday Education News Round-Up – 15/08/2019

‘Nightmare’ £7bn pension cost could hit teacher pay – Warning follows Court of Appeal ruling that transitional arrangements for public sector pension reforms were unlawful. The Teachers’ Pension Scheme has been hit by a £7 billion cost that one analyst has warned could lead to teacher pay being frozen or pensions being made less generous. […]