“A huge thank you… we’ve had an amazing response, and have had to add extra places onto our courses.”

Angela Boffy

“The Email campaign we sent to the data we purchased from you was a great success”

Lynn Sanderson
Bean Bag Bizarre

“A very successful Shared mailing, both Nursery and Primary schools.”

Mark Alderson
Howard Plastics

“Extremely helpful, data - is very accurate and SchoolSend is great - easy to use and sound reports”

Chris Edwards
Wise Training Ltd

“The phone has been ringing off the hook in response to the follow up email to the SEN mailing. Thank-You!”

Pyramid Pantomimes

“Our leaflet has worked a treat; the phone was ringing with new orders! You were recommended and we wouldn't use anyone else, we always feel well looked after.”

Sarah Silvester
Biozone Learning Media

“It’s gone mental - my Facebook is flashing every few seconds”

Black Dog Design

“We are in the middle of the Xmas rush – brought on by the mailings!!!!!!”


“Most remarkable service we have ever experienced!”

Adam Wells
Willowbrook Education

“We had quite a few trials from this mailing and emailing so would like to repeat it.”

Ben Moore
Twig World

“The mailing has gone really well, we are receiving orders averaging at 45 new schools per week!”

Mala Henry
La Jolie Ronde

“Thank you so much for printing and posting of our brochures. We’ve had a really excellent response.”

Image Playgrounds

“I have sold 500 copies to date from the June shared mailing. I shall certainly be taking this slot again”

Stephen Adamson
Adamson Publishing

“Yes please can we have 3 leaflets - We've had great responses!”

Liz Long
Smart Learning

“I just wanted to say how pleased I was with the data. I was very impressed. Spot on for correct data!”

Helen Taylor
AEL Solutions

“The direct Heads and Teachers emails results were instantly outstanding.”

Mike Southern

“Thank you for a first class service. The Email and Shared mailings are proving very successful.”

Linda Marston
Curtain Co

“Our Shakespeare email campaign was surprisingly successful - we have sold 74 sets of books to date.”

John Fulford
Pickwell Books

“We experienced a high rate of bounces from using our own data as staff in schools change frequently. Schools Mailing data and email software SchoolSend works very well together and gave a much better response”

Jet Shah

“That broadcast had the same effect as pouring petrol on a bonfire!! It’s fantastic, the phones have been very busy and the orders are flowing through.”

Jason Hughes

“They’ve done really well with loads of packs being ordered by schools – we have a happy client!!”

Karen Wilson
EBC Education

“I would like to thank you and the School’s Mailing team most sincerely for all of the hard work and support you have provided for me and for NACE during my years as CEO.”

Rowena Gaston

“Thanks for this Sarah, I’m a big fan of the portal you have to view campaign performance”


“Thank you for sending through the stats, I'm so pleased with the results and am still receiving enquiries weeks after campaign was sent. I will be booking a follow up campaign, since this worked so well. ”

Steve Porter
Steve Porter Art Projects

“The guides have dropped from the postal mailing and our phone has been ringing off the hook.”

Lizzie Brock
RMP Enterprise

“We’ve been busy in the last few months dealing with all the response we’ve had from schools – the data certainly seemed like a good investment! So thank-you. ”

Dr Rebecca Johnson
Solihull Approach

“A huge thank you to both Schools Mailing and in particular Luke for your excellent service. Over the moon with the performance of my campaigns so far using the Nursery and Primary School database – we’re on target to have our best year of sales yet!”

Krista Brown
My Childs Art