Take control of your marketing by tapping into our 45k+ UK School database, including:
• Ofsted ratings
• Pupil Premium
• GCSE A to C Percentage

Our data accuracy promise will ensure your marketing campaigns achieve the best results. Updated daily by our dedicated in-house team.
• 99% on postal records
• 97% on email addresses.

Choose the Education database solution that suits your requirements:
• Annual subscription Data Portal with 24/7 live updates
• Alternatively, an Excel file for ongoing use without any updates.

Keeping your data up to date is imperative, did you know…

80% of School Data will change within a year.

Data Portal access. 24/7 live updates.

Choose your preferred package from below or call us on 0117 9584572 for a bespoke quote.

Once purchased we will set up your account and you will have access to your online school database for one year, 24 hours a day.

Updated on the fly by our dedicated team. Just log in and export your data list as a CSV file, ready to use and updated to suit you.

Ongoing renewal of your annual subscription thereafter will be at a reduced cost.

Package Costs

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School TypePostal AddressesSchool Email AddressesCostHead Teacher Direct EmailsCostCost to buy both
Nursery / Preschool18,24912,730£550745£225£695
Primary (Ages 5 - 11)22,56021,185£68010,058£2,520£2,880
KS1 (Ages 5 - 7)21,17819,669£6409,376£2,350£2,690
KS2 (Ages 7 - 11)20,65919,178£6309,127£2,300£2,620
Secondary (Ages 11+)5,4795,128£2752,599£780£950
KS3 (Ages 11 - 14)5,1884,878£2602,513£760£920
KS4 (Ages 14 - 16)5,0374,728£2602,417£730£890
Primary & Secondary26,91125,267£81012,163£3,050£3,475
Nursery & Primary34,62829,807£1,05011,075£2,800£3,465
Nursery, Primary & Secondary39,13232,053£1,17513,346£3,350£4,075
6th Form and FE/HE4,1683,871£2101,894£570£700
Special Schools1,8961,540£150632£190£305
All Schools45,04037,362£1,54014,341£3,665£4,685

Excel file for multiple use without updates.

If you would prefer to purchase data without subscription, then this is the option for you. Choose your data selection and we’ll send you the data to use without an annual renewal fee. However, please be aware that this option does not include live updates or online access to your data. Data is correct at time of purchase.

Package Costs

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School TypePostal AddressesSchool Email AddressesCostHead Teacher Direct EmailsCostCost to buy both
Nursery / Preschool18,24912,730£820745£335£1,050
Primary (Ages 5 - 11)22,56021,185£1,02010,058£3,775£4,310
KS1 (Ages 5 - 7)21,17819,669£9539,376£3,516£4,022
KS2 (Ages 7 - 11)20,65919,178£9309,127£3,423£3,917
Secondary (Ages 11+)5,4795,128£4152,599£1,170£1,425
KS3 (Ages 11 - 14)5,1884,878£3892,513£1,131£1,368
KS4 (Ages 14 - 16)5,0374,728£3782,417£1,088£1,319
Primary & Secondary26,91125,267£1,22012,163£4,570£5,195
Nursery & Primary34,62829,807£1,57511,075£4,160£5,140
Nursery, Primary & Secondary39,13232,053£1,77013,346£5,000£6,090
6th Form and FE/HE4,1683,871£3151,894£860£1,050
Special Schools1,8961,540£225632£285£460
International Schools549457£150122£150£270
Multi-Academy Trusts1,279860£225N/AN/AN/A
All Schools45,04037,362£2,31014,341£5,380£6,670

Bespoke data

If your requirements are more specific, we can tailor the data to your specification.

Free selection profiles:

  • Location
  • Number of Pupils
  • Age Range

Premium selection profiles (£50 per profile):

  • Ofsted rating
  • Pupil Premium
  • Teaching Schools
  • Free School Meals
  • % A-C grade GCSE
  • Academy Trust information

The Premium selection information can also be added to your data:

  • £100 under 10,000
  • £150 over 10,000 records

School Email Addresses - Most schools operate a central email system even for parents, asking you to use the main school address and put who your email is FAO in the subject line so that they can be forwarded. This way you can send your email to all UK schools and to any contact.

April 2017 Newly Appointed Head Teacher Data

Newly appointed Head Teachers have money available to implement change and therefore prove to be a key group for purchasing. We update this list 3 times a year - January, April and September.

Primary, Secondary, FE, Special142 appointed £85 + VAT
Primary Data105 appointed £65 + VAT
Secondary & FE Data20 appointed £45 + VAT
Send an Email£125 + VAT

All costs on this page are subject to VAT.